Trip Down Memory Lane

My Dad stopped by the other day with a surprise present.  He left something super sentimental and super timely right now...

Vintage _Acquire.jpg

... this original version of Acquire.  This box is responsible for my love of board games.

My first memories of this box are as a kid.  I would stop for a few moments to step out of my world and explore my parents'.   I had to see what was so captivating with their friends.  My parents would invite their friends, the Garlocks, over and lock into this game for hours. The bursts of intense silence and boisterous laughter was hard to ignore.

I remember sitting on my parent's lap to watch the game until either my patience or the patience of my parents wore out.  I was probably only 4 or 5 years old and didn't understand a thing.  Years later I asked my Dad to teach me.

Throughout junior high and high school, Acquire was central to the relationship I had with my Dad.  We would play sometimes several games at a time.  We would play over and over regardless of how lopsided the score was.  Eventually, we started to trade turns dominating.  I learned how to win, how to loose, and how to strategize with this game.  But, most of all I used the game to learn about my Dad. 

No one who meets my Dad would say he is extremely talkative or super out-going.  In fact, he can be somewhat intimidating.  One of my best friends growing up was always a little timid around the hulking 6' 3" man with slicked back hair and dark tinted glasses.  But, at the kitchen table with tiny numbered tiles he was approachable.  Certainly, game nights are some of the most fondest times I can remember with my father.  

I have introduced this game to many friends over the years.  Recently, I had Griff play with me.  We both love it and each set of our kids have stopped to sit on our laps to watch just as I did.  It makes me marvel at how life can be so cyclical.  My Dad left a legacy of gaming with me.  I wonder if I will have a similar impact on my kids.

So, when my Dad shows up with this piece of our past, we had to open it right away.   Inside there were still the scores from 20+ years ago.  Dad:  74,300  Jason:  34,400.  Ouch, that one hurt.  But on the other side was almost the reverse score.  One score sheet was written over a note I left for my family, "I went to watch the game at a sports bar with Chris."  The fact I had to write that note and not text it makes me laugh.  The memories came flooding back. 

Of course, we had to play another.  The cards were yellowing, the money stuck together, and the board looked older than ever.  But, it was just like we were sitting around our old kitchen table when I was 17.  Including the score:  Dad 52,200 Jason 50,100

Thanks Dad.

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