THEY GOT GAME are Your friendly neighborhood gamers using beer and board games to discover they have more in common than just escaping the daily grind...  You got game?

About Us

Long story short...  Alcohol and Board Games brought these 2 unlikely neighbors together.  Griff is a CPA and Jason is a Designer.  Jason is the height of an NBA forward, while Griff might be 6 feet tall on a horse.  Griff has a lion's mane, and Jason doesn't even remember what hair feels like.  Now, our wives are starting to wonder when they will see us next.  

We are using They Got Game to explore and promote what we have most in common... board games... 


Current favorite


Right now we can't get enough of this classic stock buying game.

Right now we can't get enough of this classic stock buying game.


what we are thinking about right now



what is it?

We have taken time out of playing games to create our own...

Players are a Virus determined to take over a population as the as the strongest and largest Strain among its competitors.  In this dynamic, abstract, tile playing game, players strategically use 9 tiles to grow, defend, and attack Virus Strains.  By using tiles to create their own Virus Strain, players aim to grow, merge and protect their Virus Strain and finish the game with the most points. Points are earned throughout the game based Scoring Conditions that change each game.    

This game changes every time. I could play it all night.
— Will S
It’s high strategy with backstabbing.
— Emily S
Its not like anything I have played before.
— Rick B

How to Play

20 - 60 minutes

On each turn players may do the following:

  1. Each player is allowed to play up to 2 tiles and follow the action associated with each tile immediately after playing it. A player may choose to play anywhere on the board.
  2. Instead of playing tiles, a player may trade up to 2 tiles from the draw pile.
  3. Each turn ends by replacing what they have played, or traded, from the draw pile - always maintaining 6 tiles in a hand.
  4. If a player earns points during their turn based on the selected scoring cards, record points immediately.